Renala Power Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation , Up-gradation & Extension of RENALA Hydropower Project

Location: Renala Hydropower Station is located at RD (160+686) near Renala Town on Lower Bari Doab Canal (LBDC). Renala town is in Okara district about 109 Km from Lahore.

Project History:

The Renala hydropower station was built in 1925 with installed capacity of about 1.1 MW. The main objective of this power station was to lift water for irrigating land. The power station is continuously in operation since then due to which the efficiency of the electrical and mechanical equipment has decreased significantly.
Project Objective:
  • To maintain the existing 1.1 MW Renala Hydel Power Station in operation during construction period of new 4.4 MW Hydropower Project and after that till its useful life.
  • Construction of a new power house of 4.4 MW at Renala adjacent to the existing 1.1 MW power house.

PC-I Cost:

EIRR with/ without CDM:

FIRR with/ without CDM:


PKR 1722.31 million ; FEC PKR 430.59 million (excluding IDC)   (Equiv. US$ 16.2 Million )

     20.67% / 19.87%


     10.99% / 10.33%


Salient Technical Features:
Installed Capacity 4.4 MW
Number of Units 2 Kaplan Pit Type
Rated Turbine Speed 115.38 rpm
Rated Design Flow 171 m3/sec (6036 Cusecs)
Gross Head 2.5 to 3.7 meter
Design Net Head 2.9 meter
Expected Annual Energy Generated 25 GWh against the existing Avg. Energy of 4 GWh.
Environmental Assessment: Renala Hydropower Project is environmental friendly. It has minimal environmental impacts.
Construction Planning & Scheduling: Renala Powerhouse has been proposed to be completed over an approximate three (03) years of schedule.
Financing Status AFD France has shown interest to finance the Project, the matter not yet finalized.

Present Status:

  • Feasibility study was completed by WAPDA Hydro-planning Department in 2013.
  • Concept clearance paper has been approved by CDWP in its meeting held on 04-03-2015
  • PC-I for the Project submitted to Ministry of Water & Power on 13.01.2014. The same was re-submitted on 31-03-2014 after attending the queries of Ministry. Again on 25.04.14, MoW&P raised some queries about Land acquisition and rationalization of PC-I cost. Presently Land acquisition process from Punjab Irrigation Department is under process and PC-I cost is being reviewed.


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