On Harpo Nullah, a left tributary of Indus River about 75 km north west of Skardu District, Gilgit-Baltistan and 670 km North-east of Islamabad.
Salient Features
  • Design Discharge
5.8 m3/sec  harpo
  • Installed Capacity
34.5 MW
  • Annual Energy
170 GWh                               
  • Objectives
To Generate Electricity

Execution by


Scope of Work

Detailed Engineering Design,

Preparation of Tender document & Construction Supervision


Phase-I:(Detailed Engineering Design & Preparation of Tender Documents) JV of Tractebel Engineering GmbH, Germany and National Development Consultants, Pakistan

Phase-II: (Construction and Commissioning of Lot-1, Lot-2,    Lot-3 & Lot-4) will commence after Phase-I.

Contractor -
Commencement Date June 20, 2019
Completion Date

Phase-I: December 2022
Phase-II: 48 months after Phase-I

Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Approved PC-I Cost (28.03.2014) 3,420.188 6,102.613 9,522.801
PSDP Allocation 2022-2023 140.000 10 150.000


•The feasibility study was completed by WAPDA with technical collaboration of GTZ of Germany in the year 2002. Updation of Feasibility Study was completed in December 2011 with Grant Assistance of KfW amounting to 675,000 Euro.
• PC-I amounting to Rs. 9,522.801 Million was approved by ECNEC on 28.03.2014.

• M/s KfW Germany and AFD France signed Loan Agreement with EAD (GoP) for € 20 million & € 50 million on 20.12.2013 & 02.04.2014 respectively.
• The topographic survey of alternate routes of 132 kV transmission line within/vicinity of Skardu city as per recommendation of Harpo Consultants has also been completed during the Month of June, 2021.
• The Invitation to Pre-Qualification for HHPP-02, HHPP-03 and HHPP-04 published on GTAI of Germany and French website DG Market on 01.08.2022, 02.08.2022 and 03.08.2022 respectively. The same have also been published on WAPDA/PPRA websites and Newspapers. The issuance of PQ Documents is under process.
• District Commissioner Skardu has been requested on 31.08.2022 to start the land acquisition process for the Project.

In charge of the Project

Engr. Atif Manzoor
Superintending Engineer/Project Director
Contact No. 05815-920315


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