Diamer Basha Dam

Diamer Basha Dam

On the Indus River near Chilas (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa & Gilgit-Baltistan), 315 km u/s from Tarbela Dam and about 40 km downstream of Chilas Town.

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Salient Features
  • Dam Type
Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC)  diamer
  • Height of Dam
272 meters
  • Spillways
14.Nos Gate  (11.5m x 16.24m)
  • Gross Storage
8.10 MAF (10 BCM)
  • Live Storage
6.40 MAF (7.9 BCM)
  • Installed Capacity
4,500 MW 
  12, each turbine of 375 MW
  • Annual Energy
18,097 GWh
Execution by WAPDA
Consultant M/s DBCG (for Consultancy Services for Construction Design, Construction Supervision & Contract Administration)
Contractor M/s PowerChina-FWO JV (MW-1 Dam Part)
Commencement Date August 2020                                                                                     
Completion Date February 2029
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
PC-I (Dam Part) 14.11.2018 325,686.000 154,000.000 479,686.000
PSDP Allocation 2021-22 20,000.000 - 20000.000
Revised PC-I (LA&R)* 175,000.000   175,000.000
PSDP Allocation 2022-23 7,000.000 - 7,000.000


Procurement of Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision
Consultancy Services commenced on 10.06.2020.
Procurement of Contractors for Contract MW-1 (Main Works)
The contractor has commenced the works w.e.f 07.08.2020.
Acquisition of Land
Out of 16,027 acres of private land, 14,697 acres of land has been acquired in Gilgit-Baltistan.
17,894 acres of Govt. land out of 17,942 acres has been transferred to DBDP by GBA.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Out of 464 acres, 162 acres of land were acquired.
989 acres of non-compensable Govt. owned land is to be acquired in KP.
Preliminary Works:
Construction of Right Bank Periphery Road
For the construction of Right Bank Periphery Roads 04 Contracts have been awarded. RBPR-01: 73.87% work has been completed. RBPR-02: 60.03% work has been completed. RBPR-03: 13.49% work has been completed. RBPR-04: 6.08% work has been completed.

Construction of Cadet College at Darang Das, Chilas
Construction of Cadet College at Darang Das, Chilas. 99.50% work completed.

Confidence Building Measures (CBMs)
CBM’s Package-01 completed up to 100%, CBM’s Package-02 completed up to 100%.

Flood Damages 2022
At Diamer Basha Dam Project, heavy flash floods in the catchment area of River Tangir damaged temporary bridges, Contractor’s colony & camp, Contractor’s workshop and access roads.
Main Dam (MW-1) – Construction of Dam Part (Civil Works) & Tangir Hydropower Works
6.20% work has been completed

In charge of the Project
Engr. Aamir Bashir Chaudhry
Contact No. 0092-5812-920209




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