Mohmand Dam Project

Mohmand Dam Project

On Swat River about 5 km upstream of Munda Head Works in Mohmand Tribal District, KP.

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  • Flood Mitigation
  • Irrigated agriculture development of 16,737 acres, further enhancement of command area will be assessed as per request of Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • Hydropower Generation
  • Socio-economic uplift of people of the area.
Salient Features
  • Type of Dam
Concrete Faced Rockfill mohmand
  • Height of Dam
213 m (700 ft.)
  • Gross Storage
1.239 MAF
  • Live Storage
0.676 MAF
  • Power Generation
800 MW
  • Annual Energy
2,862 GWh
  • Cultivable Command Area

16,737 Acres

(Left side 9,017 Acres, Right side 7,720 acres)

Execution by WAPDA
Consultants M/s Mohmand Dam Consultants Group (MDCG)
Contractor M/s CGGC-DESCON JV
Commencement Date September 20, 2019
Completion Date December, 2025
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
PC-I Cost (26.04.2018) 238,009.151 71,548.864 309,558.015
PSDP Allocation 2021-2022 1,2060.310 - 1,2060.310


• Feasibility Study was completed by JICA in March 2000.
• Contract Agreement signed with M/s CGGC-DESCON JV on 26.03.2019.
• Ground Breaking Ceremony performed by honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan on 02.05.2019

Description Progress (%)
Contractor's camp 100%
Permanent Access Roads 66.70%
Project Colony: 60.22% 
Re-Regulation Pond


Diversion & Access Tunnel 52.71%
Spillway 16.76% 
Power Intake and Main Dam 0.25% 
Irrigation Tunnels


Drilling Works Drilling work is in progress.

Land Acquisition
8581 Acres (97%) of land out of 8787 Acres of land has been awarded in the name of WAPDA through various awards by DC Mohmand, DC Bajaur, DC Charsadda, and DC Malakand. The process of Land acquisition through various awards is in progress.

• Physical Progress 20.03%

In charge of the Project
Engr. Muhammad Javed Afridi
General Manager / Project Director (MDHP)
Contact No. 0092-42-99202868


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A Dream Come True! The Ground Breaking ceremony of Mohmand Dam Project.