Bhimber Dam Project

Bhimber Dam Project

On Bhimber Nullah about 10 km u/s of Bhimber-Gujrat Road Bridge in District Bhimber, Azad Kashmir
Salient Features
  • Type of Dam
Earth & Rockfill  bhimber
  • Height of Dam
59 m
  • Gross Storage
40,000 AF
  • Live Storage  
28,710 AF
  • CCA
4,860 hectares
  • Power Generation
2 MW

Execution by


Scope of work

Feasibility Study

Donor Agency

From WAPDA own resources

Commencement Date

January, 2023

Completion Date

December, 2025

Financial Status (Rs. Million)

Local Foreign Total

Approved PC-II Cost (29.11.2013)

86.089 - 86.089


  • Govt. of AJ&K on 30.09.2020 accorded approval for inclusion of Bhimber Dam Project in current Financial Year’s Annual Development Programme with allocation of Rs. 60.564 Million.
  • MoWR vide letter dated 03.12.2020 asked WAPDA to verify whether the cost estimate are still applicable/valid as the PC-II was submitted in November, 2017.
  • WAPDA vide letter dated 18.12.2020 informed MoWR that WAPDA will make every effort to complete the project study within already submitted PC-II cost and requested to arrange approval of PC-II, allocation and release of funds.
  • PC-II Proforma for Feasibility Study submitted to MoWR on 14.01.2021 for arranging its approval from competent forum.
  • PC-II Proforma has been uploaded on iPAS System. MoWR informed that it will circulate the PC-II among DDWP members for comments/observations. Further action will be taken after clearance of PC-II from stakeholders.

In charge of the Project
Engr. Nazakat Hussain
General Manager (Hydro) Planning
Contact No. 0092-42-99202717

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