The existing Renala Hydro Power Station is located at RD (160+686) near Renala City on Lower Bari Doab Canal (LBDC) off taking from Head Balloki. Renala City is in Okara District about 109 Km from Lahore, Punjab.


Sir Ganga Ram, a renowned Philanthropist and Civil Engineer constructed present Renala Hydel Power station at RD-160 on LBDC in 1925.He, in 1873, after a brief service in Punjab P.W.D., devoted himself to practical farming. He obtained on lease from the Government , 23234 hectare ( 50000 acres) of barren, unirrigated land in Montgomery District ( presently known as Sahiwal District), and within three years converted that vast desert into lush green fields, irrigated by the water lifted by a hydroelectric plant and running through a thousand miles of irrigation channels, constructed at his own cost. So primarily this Power House was built for running the low head pumps for irrigation to fields that are above the command of LBDC.renala2




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