Garuk Dam Project

Garuk Dam Project

The proposed dam site is located across Garuk River at about 47 Kms South East of Kharan District of Balochistan
Salient Features
Dam Type Earth core Rock fill.
Height of Dam 184 ft
Gross Storage Capacity 50,695 AF
CCA 12,500 Acres
Power Generation 300 KW
Execution by WAPDA
Commencement Date July, 2008
Completion Date The work was suspended due to non allocation in
PSDP 2014-15. Completion date could not be confirmed at this stage
Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) FEC (Rs. Million) Total  (Rs. Million)
Original PC-I Cost 1,790.069 - 1,790.069
1st Revised PC-I Cost 6,850.000 - 6,850.000

Status                             Construction will be started after:

                                                -Prioritization of project by Govt. of Balochistan

                                                -Availabiity of funds

                                                -Improvement in security conditions of the area

Incharge of the Project:  General Manager (Hydro) Planning

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