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    WAPDA offers Medical Services to all WAPDA / Client Companies employees and their Dependents across the country through a network of Hospitals, Fortified Dispensaries and Basic Read More
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WAPDA Healthcare


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Pakistan WAPDA along with its sister corporate entities constitutes a huge establishment in term of number of employees. The fact that it has various formations and activities spread throughout the breadth and width of the country, puts on it even more onerous responsibility to look after its precious human resource. WAPDA strives hard to take care of the social needs of its employees and their dependent family members. Most important of these facilities is the Health Cover because a healthy and mentally satisfied worker is the backbone and vital asset of any vibrant organization.
WAPDA Medical Services with the MOTTO of "CURE WITH CARE" is doing a commendable job in providing effective and efficient health care facilities through its network of hospitals and dispensaries in various parts of the country.
These services are availed not only by WAPDA employees but are also being extended to the employees of various corporatized units of WAPDA including DISCO's, GENCO's & NTDC. Keeping in view the quantum and critical nature of these requirements it was decided to establish a Departmental Healthcare Delivery System because it will be cost effective for the organization, convenient both for patients and employer as well as can be regulated to avoid misuse.



The facilities provided at these 41 health units are availed by more than 83,534 registered employees which include serving, retired and widows. The dependents of the employee are also entitled and with an average family consisting of six persons, there are nearly 501,204 patients who are benefiting from this system.There is a large No. of employees (60,000 Approx) who, though drawing Cash Medical Allowance, are entitled to limited facilities of consultation, emergency treatment, admission and investigations. These people also add on to the workload of our health units. Last year more than Two Million patients visited the WAPDA Health Care delivery system, which means an average daily attendance of more than 6000 patients.

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